Whether you are deciding what to grow out in your fields or wondering about what food to grow in your garden, there are several resources to aid in your choices.  In Arkansas, we have the University of Arkansas Agriculture Division University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service (uada.edu).  There is an abundance of information available from Farm and Ranch section to their Yard and Garden sections.

Arkansans are blessed to have this system for information, but Mississippi Agriculture | Mississippi State University Extension Service (msstate.edu), Louisiana LSU AgCenter, and Missouri

Homepage | MU Extension (missouri.edu)each have their own systems.

Research your soil type and test for any diseases.  Consider the watering capabilities.  Consider the yield that you hope for and look at the varieties with high yield for conditions similar to yours.  Then call the company with the best!

What Grows Best in Your Backyard?

Field or Garden?

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