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Delta Grow Seed Company  
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"The Choice of the Delta"

Delta Grow Seed Company, Inc., began as a subsidiary of Emery Hughes Corporation in 1998.  Family-owned and operated, Emery Hughes Corporation has been involved in the agricultural business in Central Arkansas for over 40 years.  Emery Hughes began working at a farm supply store in England, Arkansas, in his late teens.  He worked as a salesman for chemical and seed companies traveling in several southern states. He began his own business in 1969.  His son, Lee Hughes, began working for the agriculture business in 1989.

Delta Grow Seed Company, a Monsanto Seed Partner, was incorporated by the State of Arkansas in February 2000 and is registered to do business in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, and Missouri.  Delta Grow Seed currently operates with thirteen distributors processing in four states and shipping to seven states.  Delta Grow Seed Company, Inc., promotes its own brand of Roundup Ready Soybean seed and wheat seed in a retail and wholesale environment.



Thanks for considering Delta Grow Soybeans as a soybean that you would grow on your farm.  If you have or are currently growing Delta Grow Soybeans we would like to say Thank You for your business and look foward to providing you with High Quality Soybeans in the years to come.  We hope that the upcoming growing season is good for both you and your family.


Emery Hughes and everyone at DELTA GROW SEED COMPANY


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